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To fully understand our proposition and how you can achieve Competent Adviser Status with RJP – we recommend you attend a FREE Roadshow!

Registered Individual

You can decide to join the Richard James Partnership as a Registered Individual, this may be a salaried position or on a self-employed basis.

You will trade as a Mortgage Consultant with full RJP branding and marketing support. We will register you with all lenders and insurance providers as a Mortgage Consultant authorised and regulated with RJP.

This option is more suited to a mortgage consultant who is perhaps:

  1. newly qualified and requires close supervision and marketing support
  2. an industry returner who does not have current Competent Adviser Status
  3. requires an entry level opportunity moving on to Appointed Representative later

RJP will provide you with an experienced mentor from day one, helping you with every aspect of the business as you work towards achieving Competent Adviser Status. 

At RJP, you can choose your required level of administration support. Some of our Registered Individuals only complete the initial part of the mortgage sale which includes fact-finding and sourcing, then pass the case to our experienced administrators in Dorchester and they manage the application through to completion.

Appointed Representative

The term ‘Appointed Representative’ is a clearly defined role within the regulated environment often abbreviated to AR. You can opt to join the Richard James Partnership as an AR. With this option, the main differences compared to joining as a Registered Individual are as follows:

  1. You have your own FCA registration number
  2. You have your own trading name and style
  3. You can trade a sole trader, partnership or limited company
  4. You can choose the level of administration support you require
  5. RJP remain responsible for your compliance

We would recommend our AR proposition to mortgage consultants who have a clear business plan and intend to employ additional advisers and support staff, this AR option may also be suitable for sole traders who have an established client bank and are writing at least 10 mortgages each calendar month.


Salaried Position

If you prefer the security of an employed positon and all the benefits that brings, our recruitment consultants can help.

If you have just passed your CeMAP qualifications but have yet to achieve Competent Adviser Status, you are still a valuable commodity and at RJP we recognise that.

At RJP, we will tailor a career path that works for you. All future employers will require you to have Competent Advisor Status (CAS), you can achieve CAS with RJP, or take a placement in a firm that works in partnership with RJP to achieve Competent Adviser Status as you earn.

RJP will provide you with an experienced mentor from day one, helping you with every aspect of the business as you work towards achieving Competent Adviser Status. 

No matter what you experience, our recruitment consultants could find your dream job. Passing your CeMAP exams is a great achievement, but it’s your first step on your career path into financial services.

At RJP, we can provide you with all the additional courses that take you to the next level, showing you exactly how to sell mortgage mortgages and life insurance and more importantly to sell yourself.

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